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SMS communication

Custom Bulk SMS

A platform designed to immediate delivery customized short messages.

The platform is designed for private and public organizations that need to send SMS to their customers, in a simple and efficient way while allowing absolute control over its spending through a web platform and managing different profiles (marketing campaign, work groups, delegations, etc). Moreover, this system offers a rapid integration with existing databases and other enterprise software.

There are several types of SMS depending on the features you need: regular SMS, personalized SMS remittent, acknowledgment of SMS and certificate SMS.

I&IMS is registered as a network operators and electronic communications services for storing and forwarding text messages “under CMT (Spanish telecommunications market commission).

SMS platform for companies and public organizations

  • Web Platform easy to use

  • Automation via web-service

  • Multiple types of SMS

  • Multiple user profiles

  • Real-time management system

Features of SMS types

There are 5 types of SMS, each with a specific functionality:
  • Regular SMS: send a normal text message.

  • Personalized SMS remittent: allows selection of the source field.

  • SMS acknowledgment: ensures the integrity of the message and confirmation of receipt.

  • Personalized SMS remittent + acknowledgment: it allows selection of the source field and an acknowledgment that ensures the integrity of the message and confirmation of receipt.

  • SMS certificate: ensures the integrity of the message and confirmation of receipt with the creation of a legally binding document verified by the certifying authority Firmaprofesional, the first provider of private certification services in Spain.
firma profesional

I&IMS personalize the type of service that each organization demands at very competitive prices.

Easy integration with databases and corporate programs

  • Easy incorporation of SMS features to existing programs and databases

  • Based on web-services

Functionalities tailored to each user profile

  • Home Summary

  • Sending SMS to one or multiple recipients

  • Statistics on the most relevant information

  • History file downloadable

Telecommunications operator

  • I&IMS is encompassed within the scope of electronic communications services, storage and forwarding of short messages and it is registered under CMT (Spanish telecommunications market commission).

  • It has the technical, material and human resources for the provision of such services, as well as approvals, licenses, permits and other authorization which are required to perform this activity.