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Video / audio conferencia

I&IMS, specialists in videocommunication systems

If you need your home office, SME or multinational to be well connected, I&IMS has a wide range of hardware and software solutions available to meet your needs.

You'll not only be connected to your partners and clients with our videoconferencing solutions, but you'll also save time, increase your and your employees' productivity and reduce your travel expenses.

Other clients already put their trust in us, whose satisfaction is our guarantee .

Polycom Certified Partner Video

Personal videoconferencing

Polycom PVX Open · PVX

Office videoconferencing

Polycom V500 Open · V500

Polycom V700 Open · V700

Room videoconferencing High Resolution

Polycom QDX 6000 Open · QDX 6000

Personal videoconferencing High Definition

Polycom HDX 4002 Open · HDX 4002

Room videoconferencing High Definition

Polycom HDX 6000 Open · HDX 6000

Polycom HDX 7000 Open · HDX 7000

Polycom HDX 8000 Open · HDX 8000

Polycom HDX 9000 Open · HDX 9000


Polycom Voice Station 300 Open · VoiceStation 300

Polycom Voice Station 500 Open · VoiceStation 500

Polycom SoundStation 2/2Ex Open · SoundStation 2/2 Ex

Polycom SoundStation 2W/2W Ex Open · SoundStation 2W/2W Ex

Polycom SoundStation VTX 1000 Open · SoundStation VTX 1000

Polycom Communicator C100S Open · Communicator C100S (Skype)

SoundStation IP5000 Open · SoundStation IP5000

SoundStation IP6000 Open · SoundStation IP6000

SoundStation IP7000 Open · SoundStation IP7000

Videophone Voice over IP 1500D Open · Videophone Voice over IP 1500D


Personal videoconferencing High Definition

LifeSize Desktop Open · LifeSize Desktop

Office videoconferencing High Definition

LifeSize LG Executive Open · LifeSize LG Executive

Videoconference Room High Definition

LifeSize Passport Open · LifeSize Passport

LifeSize Express 200 Open · LifeSize Express 200

LifeSize Express 220 Open · LifeSize Express 220

Multivideoconference Room High Definition

LifeSize Team 200 Open · LifeSize Team 200

LifeSize Team 220 Open · LifeSize Team 220

LifeSize Room Open · LifeSize Room

LifeSize Room 200 Open · LifeSize Room 200

LifeSize Room 220 Open · LifeSize Room 220


Room Projectors

Hitachi CP-X300 Open · CP-X300 (2600 lumens)

Hitachi CP-X400 Open · CP-X400 (3000 lumens)

Hitachi CP-X505 Open · CP-X505 (3500 lumens)

Hitachi CP-X605 Open · CP-X605 (4000 lumens)

Ultra Short Throw Room Projectors

Hitachi ED-A100 Open · ED-A100 (2000 lumens)

Hitachi CP-A100 Open · CP-A100 (2500 lumens)

Videoconferencing room

We offer entirely fitted out rooms for you to carry out high-quality videoconferences via IP or IDSN. I&IMS's videoconferencing rooms, equipped with high-performance hardware, give conference participants the required convenience, comfort and privacy to carry out company meetings, interviews, etc.

If you would like more information, please contact us by phoning
93 272 33 00. If you prefer, you can send an email to info@ims.es


Computer application enabling medical images capture, visualisation and treatment for its further sharing and remote diagnosis, with simultaneous
videoconference sessions. It's a flexible application which adapts to the particular requirements and needs of any medical specialization with diagnosis through image (dermatology, ophthalmology, radiology, etc.), TeleDocuMed 3.0 supports multi-format/multimedia images as well as DICOM-3 images - in this very case, they are automatically calibrated.

TeleDocuMed 3.0 can operate on any health location like home, doctor consultancy, emergencies, by integrating hospital environments with their associated centres (primary cares, specialised centres/first aid, mobile units, etc.) and always including an interconnection between "remote" professional (via LAN or WAN).

TeleDocuMed 3.0 is a flexible application which adapts to the particular requirements and needs of any medical specialization with diagnosis through image.

AMD Telemedicine

Telemedicine peripherals

AMD-2500 Cámara general Open · AMD-2500 General camera

AMD-2015 Otoscopio Open · AMD-2015 Otoscopio


AMD-2020 Oftalmoscopio Open · AMD-2020 Oftalmoscopio

AMD-300p Sistema iluminación Open · AMD-300p lighting system