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DocuRemote 5

DocuRemote - The solution guaranteeing you peace

Monitor, record and control with IP cameras
The most efficient video surveillance application of the market
Access through local network, Internet and mobile devices.

Supported by any Windows platform, DocuRemote is a software allowing monitoring and video-surveillance of different locations via IP and through an easy and attractive interface.

Facilities monitoring can be lead in real time, locally and remotely. DocuRemote integrates the simultaneous monitoring of up to 36 cameras (which can be IP or analogue cameras through IP video servers).

Discover the easiest way to connect IP cameras or servers through an existing network cable, with wireless access points - with UMTS/3G routers -, or reusing the coaxial installation.

It is so easy to use that no IT expertise is required.


Simultaneous monitoring of up to 36 cameras.

Automatic image resizing. Multi-display support in 4:3 and 16:9 formats. Matrix or interest camera monitoring on full screen, maximum full HD resolution.

Automatic activation of video cameras, individual configuration of performances and recording frequency. Camera engine configuration. Motion control through main camera joystick.

Intelligent motion detection with variable tolerance. Activation of up to 10 sensitive interest areas per camera.

Expert and automatic activation of different types of alarms: sound, pop-up, SMS, e-mail, FTP. Alarm input through external sensor and/or camera disconnection.

Automatic positioning of PT, PTZ cameras after manual alarm detection through joystick port or input relay.

Control and management for I/O relay activation. Camera relay activation on PC request.

Sequence and incidence monitoring. Records' optimal retrieval according to the user criteria.

Enables two-way audio communication between DocuRemote and IP cameras.

Activity reports performed through a built-in text editor enabling document format controlling and including interest-marked images.

Multifunction agenda maintenance (daily, weekly and programmable every day of any year).

User identification with access profile creation. User group definition. Possibility to control the application functionalities through biometric fingerprint sensor. User activity logs.

Automatic records management on disk according to the recording time and/or space. Records sending to different disk units.

Interest sequence exportation through specific visor including water mark. Exportation to MultiTIFF and JPEG formats.

Monitoring of up to 4 simultaneous cameras out of 36 available through the web server. Display and management of stored sequences.

Camera monitoring via mobile devices.

User configuration restoration.

Multi-language support (Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, German and Dutch).

DocuRemote Counter Edition

DocuRemote Counter Edition


DocuRemote Counter Edition is software for counting people developed by Information & Image Management Systems, S. A., integrated into the DocuRemote Pro video surveillance system.

It includes intelligent video analysis that counts the number of people crossing a virtual line or space, with a proven reliability of over 98% (complying with the established installation requirements) and can be used with 2D and 3D overhead cameras approved by I&IMS.

DocuRemote Counter Edition is a scalable solution since it allows for communication with as many devices as are necessary in different facilities.

It offers a very comprehensive occupancy control that includes all the entries, exits and the current situation in the space to be monitored. You can mark out different areas and assign a variable number of cameras. If an area has multiple access points we can establish both the overall occupancy and the maximum occupancy for each of these.

It includes a comprehensive system of alarms triggered when the maximum occupancy is exceeded, as well as the option to reset the counter at a certain time.

It offers the option to export data so that you can create additional reports and statistics.


Camera calibration (tolerance and marking off the space for the area to be counted).

Creation of groups to mark off spaces, selection of cameras and occupancy control.

Controls the direction of the people to count, being able to establish a counting circuit.

Provides real-time control of the number of people present.

Issuing of alarms in critical situations and when there are too many people in a facility.

Current and historical occupancy statistics (intervals of ¼ hr, ½ hr, 1 hour).

Visualisation of statistics in web format, through a compatible browser.

Exporting of data for statistical analysis.

Option to visualise, record and control additional IP cameras.

Range of applications:

Points of sale.

Department stores.

Sports facilities.

Leisure facilities.

Conference rooms.

Public buildings.


Outdoor events.

Application options:

Control of people and occupancy.

Management of activity and customer service.

Changes in occupancy by period (holidays, sales, etc.).

Management of waiting areas.

Management of mobility in spaces.

Management of human resources.

Reduction in energy consumption.